2Moons: Exclusive Gameplay Video, Part One

Posted Mon, May 05, 2008 by Shayalyn

Look Before You Leap...Er, Download

The world of 2Moons is a harsh and pitiless place, or at least that's what the developers behind Acclaim's MMOG want you to think. Thankfully, the Ten Ton Hammer staff knows how difficult it is to start up a new MMOG, so we have done the hard work for you. Along with Cody "Micajah" Bye's first impressions review of the game, we've also put together a selection of 2Moons video segments specifically for those players that like to "have a look" before they jump into a game. Check 'em out!


Acclaim Games, owner of such free-to-play MMOGs as The Chronicles of Spellborn,

Fri, Aug 27, 2010

2Moons is an action oriented fantasy free-to-play MMOG from Acclaim Games. Mattlow gives us his hands on impressions of the game and tells us whether the game is worth playing.

Thu, Feb 18, 2010
Dekaron, a free-to-play MMOG from Korea, and its North American counterpart 2Moons, are rolling out a special treat for their players in honor of the Valentines Day holiday.
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Thu, Feb 04, 2010
Three Kingdoms.jpg

Uforia announced today the Open Beta of Three Kingdoms which put players in ancient and volatile times. With an unusual quest system and plenty of PvP, this could be one to watch in the near...

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Wed, Mar 11, 2009

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