Mabinogi: An Exclusive Interview with Ray Cheon

What's Up with Mabinogi?

When MapleStory was released on November 28, 2006, many North American industry journalists and critics wrote the game off saying that it was too childish and the graphics were sub-par. However, the game now sports millions of users and generates a massive amount of revenue for its development company, Nexon. Now Nexon has released their latest offering, Mabinogi, which is another venture into a world where anything is possible even if it means a simpler style of graphics. Even with a review already published about the game, Ten Ton Hammer's Cody "Micajah" Bye sat down with Ray Cheon, Product Manager and Senior Associate for Game Planning and Design for Nexon, to get a few intimate details about the future of the game!

Ten Ton Hammer: Now that the game has been officially released, what's next for the title? When will players begin hearing about the first free update, and what will that include?

Ray: I can't reveal too much information about our future updates but we are going to release Generation 2 Season 1 (G2S1) of Mabinogi in May. In this update, we are going to release Generation 2 Mainstream Quests, more maps, more dungeons, more items, more skills, and much more. Soon, we'll have plenty of details about G2 update on our website.

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