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It's Just Like Popeye and Spinach!
It's Just Like Popeye and Spinach!

When you create your first character you look at cooking and probably think, Why would I want to cook; I'll just buy what I need. Many casual players, never see the obvious and cheap benefits to cooking their own food. That's where this guide by Byron "Messiah" Mudry takes over. It looks at all the best high level food and the benefits (or buffs) that it provides to the player. Many player's don't even realize the wealth of extra stats and abilities that they are passing up, simply by ignoring buff food.

Stamina buff foods are the most common type of buff food around. Once you reach the Outlands the buffs are fairly substantial and the two main ones that you will be getting are +20 Stamina/+20 Spirit and +30 Stamina/+20 Spirit.

The most common, easiest and cheapest to get is the 20/20 buff food. You can gain this from the following five foods: Buzzard Bites, Feltail Delight, Clam Bars, Talbuk Steak and Mok'Nathal Shortribs. Of these foods the easiest to get are the Feltail Delight and Talbuk Steak.

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