Defining Ambulation - An EVE Online Video Interview with CCP's Torfi Olafsson

I'm walkin', yes indeed....

I'm walkin', yes

Senior Technical Producer Torfi Frans Olafsson is the force behind EVE
Online's Ambulation project, an endeavor that will allow EVE players to
step out of their ships and into their avatars for the first time ever.
Our video interview with Torfi will give you an idea how Ambulation
fits into EVE Online's present and future, plus its chock full of
seldom seen in-game ambulation video clips. Enjoy!

I've been immersed in EVE since 1999... it's a very
tangible place to
me, it's a living, breathing world. I'm really excited about allowing
the players go even further into this huge, intricate world that we've
created. So ambulation is technically about giving the player an actual
body so that they can exit their pod, walk around inside the stations,
meet up, play some games, gamble a little bit, have a beer, basically
hang out. What it's not: it's not a killing simulator, it's not an FPS
within EVE.

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