Requiem: Open Beta Interview with Jason Koerperich

Did Somebody Say "Open Beta?"

The leap into the open beta phase of game testing is a big leap for any developer. Gamers often draw a lot of their initial enthusiasm for a game from that particular time period, and it's crucial for studios to make sure that their game is nearly ready for market when the game shifts into that phase of testing. The developers of Requiem: Bloodymare have taken nearly every precaution to insure that their open beta testing period goes off without a hitch, and Gravity Interactive is now ready to pursue their open beta test. Recently, Ten Ton Hammer's Cody "Micajah" Bye sat down with Jason Koerperich, Community Manager for Gravity Interactive, to discuss what players will be seeing in upcoming updates and future content upgrades to the game. Enjoy!

Ten Ton Hammer: Throughout the entire beta process, what was your main focus? Did you really put most of your energy towards localization, or was it something else?

Jason Koerperich: During our closed beta test we were highly focused on localizing the content, partly to get our internal processes of report/fix/implement working 100%, but also in gathering feedback of what our users wanted to see in the future.

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