WoW: Eye of the Storm Tactics

Battle in the Eye of the Storm

The Eye of the Storm battleground is a fun and exciting place to fight it out in the World of Warcraft. It is a very confusing battleground though, as it combines two different objectives. It's partially a capture-the-flag game and partially a capture-the-objectives game. Most players know how to deal with each one separately, however, tie them together and players lose track of what is most important. So while you may know the basic rules and understand the idea of how it works, the tactics and strategies to actually win may elude you. That's where Byron "Messiah" Mudry steps up the the plate this week, with a new section for our Eye of the Storm guide that looks at the basic strategies and tactics that will allow you to win in this unique battleground.

The basic method to win is to get and hold three towers for as long as possible. If you can hold three then you are gaining more points than they are by 3-1 which far outweighs the points they can earn by capturing the flag. Luckily many players do not realize this and will continue to waste their time running the flag instead of attempting to capture another tower. Count on this and use it to your advantage.

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