AoC: City of Tortage Daytime Quest Guide

Because You Don't Want to Be Lost in Hyboria
Because You Don't Want to Be Lost in Hyboria

Age of Conan is just about ready to launch and Ten Ton Hammer is hard at work to get you the info you need to get started in Hyboria! We've created a quest guide for the City of Tortage Daytime Quests. This guide tells you where to find the quests, how to complete them, and includes a mini-map to show you the way just in case you get lost.

Proxima asks you to collect poison from snakes and scorpions from a cave. The Coastal Cave instance is found along the southeastern coast inside Tortage. This is a fun little cave with lots of stuff to kill. Just follow the various caves around and you'll find the snakes and scorpions that you need. Once completed, return the items to the soldier near the west gate and he will reward you.

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