The Agency: Exclusive Interview with Senior World Designer Kevin O'Hara Part 1

O'Hara...Kevin O'Hara
O'Hara...Kevin O'Hara

Part First Person Shooter and part MMO game, it seems Sony Online Entertainment's The Agency is attempting to build something ground breaking. Set in a world of espionage with all the random gun violence and sleek locations you would expect in a spy novel, this hybrid promises appeal to just about anyone who has ever watched a James Bond film. Ten Ton Hammer caught up with Senior World Designer Kevin O'Hara at SOE Seattle and asked him to talk about what type of gameplay we can expect.

Ten Ton Hammer: What do you feel The Agency is doing differently from every other MMO game in regards to world building?

Kevin O'Hara: As far as world building well I think we've said this many times that first and foremost we are a shooter game. So the level design really comes to the moment to moment gameplay. A lot of typical MMO's could rightfully lay down a train field, plop a bunch of spawners down, and that's their quests. You just go through the dangerous areas, you see your enemies, and you pick out which ones you want to approach and get in combat with them. Our levels, as soon as you can see somebody they are essentially in range. If not to shoot at for them to react to you.

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