Tabula Rasa Dev Diary: Redesigned Magma Caverns

Deployment 8 Brings a New Magma Caverns
Deployment 8 Brings a New Magma Caverns

NCsoft pushed out Deployment 8 yesterday, a new patch for Richard Garriott’s Tabula Rasa. Part of the deployment included the reconstruction of the Magma Caverns with its brand new map layout and entirely new missions. Lead World Designer, Michael Hutchison looks into the physical design changes within the game from a world-building perspective, while Mission Designer, Jason Ford views the same instance from the game mechanics point of view. Ten Ton Hammer has these Dev Diaries and the screenshots showcasing the dazzling, redesigned Magma Caverns.

If players choose to side with the imbedded Rebels, they will defend against Penumbra assaults and eventually take part in an attack on the Penumbra’s landing zone. On the other hand, if they side with Penumbra, players will participate in the assaults against the Rebels, eventually attempting to take over the Rebel Camp and run the Rebels out of Magma Caverns.

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