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By Danny "Ralsu" Gourley
By Danny "Ralsu" Gourley

IAHGames is set to host the Closed Beta Test of Dragonica, a self-proclaimed "irreverent" massively-multiplayer online game (MMOG) from the makers of Dragon Raja (Brauson). In Dragonica, Heroes brought together by fate battle their way though a variety of enemies using varied attack combos and comical skills as they strive to end an ongoing conflict between men and Dragons.

The game is a fully 3D side-scrolling MMOG featuring rendered characters, monsters and environments. Combat has an arcade flair. Killing monsters quickly will create “combo” points. The higher the combo, the more experience earned from the kill. Instanced dungeons time a player’s performance and automatically rank the performance on a leader board. Pets can be raised as companions in battle or as tamer beasts to serve as a mount.

Dragonica features four classes culled from MMOGs of the past but with quirky twists. Each class can evolve through three jobs on two different paths:

Class Job Path Next Job Final Job
Warrior Knight Paladin Dragoon
Gladiator Myrmidon Warlord

Magician Acolyte Priest Cleric
Wizard Archmage Arcanist

Archer Hunter Pathfinder Sentinel
Ranger Sniper Howitzer

Thief Jester Masquerade Gambit
Assassin Ninja Shadow
Dragonica takes the idea of action combat in MMOGs to the extreme and packages it in a way to appeal to younger gamers. Look for the Closed Beta Test soon.

Dragonica Concept Art:

We've got 24 more Dragonica images to show you. Next up are some action screens!

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