A Q&A with EVE Online's Matt Woodward, Designer of the June 10th Empyrean Age expansion

Did Somebody Say "Expansion?"
Did Somebody Say "Expansion?"

Curious about the next EVE Online expansion set to hit the servers on June 10th? See what CCP game designer Matt Woodward has to say about factional warfare and new single and small group content that are part and parcel with the new Empyrean Age expansion, set to go live on June 10th.

Matt Woodward: "But the basic thing is to give people who don't PvP or prefer to go solo the chance to PvP on a smaller scale. Some areas you'll come in and only find a single frigate or destroyer. This amazing 5-year old guy with his tech 2 battleships isn't coming in, isn't involved with the fight - you'll only find people flying the same ships as you. So it's a level playing field. Hopefully over time you'll bring some mates along - there's a chat channel when you sign up where you can talk to other people on your team if you like... And then you get a few random guys together, you go and do the mission, maybe someone jumps in on you and you chase them away, and all the sudden you're like, "Whoa! This is what EVE Online is all about."

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