Editorial - Is Season 4 too Late?

By Byron Mudry -

Is it too little too late for the Burning Crusade?

In the World of Warcraft player vs player (PvP) scene, there is nothing more competitive than the arenas. Right now players are eagerly awaiting season 4's start. However, we are also nearing the release of the Wrath of the Lich King. Questions abound over when both are going to be released and how they will effect each other.

More important to me than how long a seasons is, is how long a season should be. A season to me should be long enough that an average team can not quite get a full set of gear from the season. They should have to make choices as to what they get each season and those choices should be difficult. This allows players to constantly feel a sense of progression through the seasons. If there is a period of time where they are not working towards something then, they will lose interest.

The timing on both upcoming releases lead Byron "Messiah" Mudry to look at the question Editorial - Is Season 4 too Late?

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