D&D 4th Edition: A Behind the Scenes Look at D&D Insider, Part Two

D20 "Fuzzy Dice" Not Included
D20 "Fuzzy Dice" Not Included

For years, online gamers have been waiting for a true translation of the Dungeons and Dragons universe into the digital realm, complete with character creation assistants and a virtual gaming tabletop. The 4th Edition of Dungeons and Dragons has promised to do just that with their refined rules and digital campaign known as the D&D Insider. With D&D 4th Edtition now officially launched worldwide, Ten Ton Hammer's Cody "Micajah" Bye concludes his exclusive preview of Dungeons and Dragons Insider. Check it out!

Dungeon Masters will also have a variety of useful lighting options to choose from while building their map as well. "There are a whole variety of different light sources and radiances that DMs can choose to employ," Youngs said. "Intensity, color, effect, flickering, all of these options are completely customizable for the Dungeon Master." Rather than attaching light sources to the actual tiles themselves, the developers at Wizards have left the lighting options completely up to the DM. "You can attach light sources to tiles or monsters," Youngs said.

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