Counting the Damage - A Review of Fubar and DamageMeters

Posted Mon, Jun 09, 2008 by Shayalyn

Damage Report!

It can be difficult to decide what interface mods are right for you or even if they're good at all in World of Warcraft. We've gone ahead and began reviewing some of the more popular mods to give you an insight on if they're download worthy or ignorable. The first two are DamageMeters and Fubar. One is a mod that shows how much damage you and your party does while the other is a mod very similar to Titan Panel. For a bigger description plus our opinion on it you'll need to read the review! You'll also find frequently updated WoW mods in our UI repository.

Many players love to have as much data in front of their eyes as possible. It's always important to know things like your current gold, how much experience until you level, and many other things. At the same time most players love to have their U.I. as clean as possible with as much data in as little space as possible. For the longest time Titan Panel allowed this to happen by having a thin bar across the top and/or bottom of the screen that contained "plugins" that allowed you to add things like how much gold you had, where you were, your durability, etc.

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