EQ2 and Altaholics Anonymous

Posted Fri, May 26, 2006 by Ethec

A cure for altism

Do you suffer from a growing need to create character after character? Have you purchased a second account just to get more character slots? Does your guild see a new character and automatically assume that it's one of your alts? If you show these, and other behaviors, you could have an alt addiction.

Hello, I'm Savanja and I suffer from an alt addiction. It started out innocently enough,
I played a half elf Shadow Knight at release, and I grew a little bored in my mid 20's. I had a
craving. A strong craving to do something new, but I didn't know what. Out of this boredom, a
human Mystic was born, and things were good for a while, I felt satisfied, but then the inevitable
happened, and I felt that longing once again to try something new and exciting.

Know that you are not alone. Savanja steps into the light, and out of the closet of shame, in this eye opening and stunning confessions of an altaholic.

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