Age of Conan Miscellaneous Guides Portal

FAQ - Learn about the features of Age of Conan here.

Newbie Q&A and Slash Commands - Savanja teaches us the basics of the AoC interface.

Video Emotes Guide - Watch video footage of in-game emotes.

Know Your Role: The Priest - Read Martuk's Guide on playing Priest classes.

Know Your Role: The Rogue - Martuk goes into detail about a rogue class' role.

Ten Tips to Community Etiquette - Martuk discusses the do's and dont's of massively multiplayer online games.

Ten Tips for Successful Grouping - Find out what is and is not socially acceptable in group situations.

Grouping in Hyboria - Learn tactics to take your grouping to the next level.

The Language of Online Gaming - afk, brb! Learn the acronyms here.

Hyborian Hints and Tips - Join Martuk as he takes a look at some of the great hints and tips provided by Funcom.

The Hyborian Cavalry - A Guide to Mounts - Join Martuk as he takes a look at all the mounts of Hyboria, their uses, and how you can get one.

Character Creation Guide - Learn all all you need to know to create the character you want, including race/class combo info and character appearance samples.

All By Myself - A Guide to Going Solo in Hyboria - You don't always need a group.  For those days when you want to enjoy solitude, find out how you can and still be a successful player.

Introduction to Tier 1 Raiding - Join Necromancer Volunteer Class Rep. Notleh as he introduces you to Tier 1 Raiding in AoC.

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