Champions Online Dev Profile - Danny Southard

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An Animated Q&A Conversation

Have you ever wondered what developers of your favorite MMOGs did when they're not creating your games? The Champions Online PR team has been hard at work to give you those answers with their string of easy to read Q&As with their development team. Their latest exploited worker goes by the name of Danny Southard and works as an animator for the super hero MMOG makers. Take a moment to check out this interview, because apparently he likes to eat cereal. Lots of cereal.

Q: What do you do in Champions Online?

A: I animate. Lately I've been working on player powers. I just finished working on a bunch of powers for the 'roid rage in all of us, and I'm currently working on a set for the Chuck Norris fans out there. I also work on powers for NPCs with all sorts of limb combinations Â… four arms, four legs, no arms or legs Â…

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