Tabula Rasa Preview: Outbreak in Velon Hollow

We have a Class 2 infection! Zombies, Forean Zombies!

We have a Class 2
infection! Zombies, Forean Zombies!

There's a problem in the world of Richard Garriott's Tabula Rasa. In a
quiet corner of Valverde Plateau lies an entrance to a haunted place.
Something horrible occurred there, so terrible that refugees cry for it
to all be burned and utterly destroyed. What has happened to the
peaceful Forean Sanctuary of Velon Hollow? Ten Ton Hammer previews this
new instance coming to Live Servers soon.

know it's coming, as they cry, "Kill me... make the pain stop." One
group of infected try to fight it. You'll see their mantra flash on the
screen. "This flesh is only a vessel. The pain is an illusion. My
spirit is my strength. The shadows cannot touch me." Nice thoughts, but
it doesn't work. They too will fall to your attacks.

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