Exclusive SCI FI Channel MMOG Interview, Game's Genre Unveiled

Questions by Cody “Micajah” Bye, Managing Editor
Questions by Cody “Micajah” Bye, Managing Editor

Answers by Adam Stotsky, Executive Vice President, Global Brand Strategy and Market Development, SCI FI Channel

Since its launch on September 24, 1992, the SCI FI Channel has been a haven for television viewers that are looking for programming that strays away from campy sitcoms or clichéd soap operas. Instead the SCI FI Channel specializes in the abnormal – from horror to fantasy to science fiction – and does it with a respectability that you wouldn’t find on a normal network station. So when the announcement hit the internet that the SCI FI Channel had partnered with the Trion World Network to create an MMOG was tremendous news for gaming aficionados that have been searching for the perfect alternative universe experience.

To find out more about the upcoming game and the SCI FI Channel side of the equation, Ten Ton Hammer’s Cody “Micajah” Bye sat down with SCI FI’s executive vice president Adam Stotsky and asked him a variety of questions ranging from the genre of the game to their decision to work with Trion. If you’re interested in hearing more about the game from Trion World Network’s point of view, check back in with Ten Ton Hammer on June 17 to check out our exclusive interview with Trion World Network!

Ten Ton Hammer: Creating an immersive online experience is a pretty formidable task. Why’d you decide to start in on such a tremendous project and what will the SCI FI Channel gain from the endeavor?

Adam Stotsky, SCI FI Channel

Adam Stotsky: The SCI FI audience expects deeply immersive and richly textured worlds in the stories that we tell on the air (think: Battlestar Galactica). So the connected games or MMOG experience is the next evolution of that expectation. Our goal is to collaborate with Trion to use the two media to tell an amazing story in a way that's never been done before.
Ten Ton Hammer:  What drew you to the Trion World Network? Why did you decide to partner with them and not one of the other more “traditional” publishing companies?
Adam: Trion's technology platform is a quantum leap forward for gaming. More importantly, the team Lars Buttler has put together is absolutely world class. Lastly, we have a shared vision about how to combine the emotional story telling dynamics of television with the immersive game play of MMOGs to create something totally new. These three issues combined make Trion the ideal partner.
Ten Ton Hammer: Does the SCI FI Channel have any experience in helping create video games? Or will this be the first time?
Adam: Through our colleagues at Universal consumer products we have had some experience in the video gaming sector.  Battlestar Galactica has a few gaming ventures.  More importantly we know that the SCI FI audience is very passionate about video games. It just made sense for us to develop this area further.
Ten Ton Hammer: The SCI FI Channel has a long history of pushing the envelope of every genre. Should we expect to see a project that is both ambitious and a little bit eccentric?

SCI FI Channel Logo

Adam:  Combining the television and MMOG experiences in and of itself will push the entertainment envelope. But the creative team working on this effort, from both the SCI FI as well as the Trion side is committed to developing a world that has never before been seen.
Ten Ton Hammer: Could you give us a hint about the genre of your upcoming project?
Adam: This will be a sci-fi genre experience. It will be a very different Earth than the one we currently know today.
Ten Ton Hammer: Finally, why should gamers be excited about a project that SCI FI and Trion are working on? What should they expect from future news announcements?
Adam: Gamers and television viewers alike should expect something like they've never seen or experienced. A triple A game with a very rich and compelling dramatic television show.

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