Wow U.I. Review - Bartender 3

Posted Mon, Jun 16, 2008 by Shayalyn

This Bartender Doesn't Serve Tequila

The action bars inside of World of Warcraft allow you to manipulate the many items, abilities, and skills in the game with ease. The default interface is pretty robust but there are many U.I. mods out there that allow you to completely revamp the handling of the action bars. Bartender 3 is one of these mods and the big question is - is it good? Find out in our review!

Bartender 3 is an Ace2 mod meaning it offers all of the benefits most Ace mods have. Built in computability with FuBar, uses the Ace settings window, and is really good on system resources.  It also integrates itself with the default WoW key bindings allowing you to be able to change what keys activate what skills for all 10 bars it allows you to have. For the action bars it provides... the features available are near limitless. You can have up to ten bars with their size, color, background, translucency, number of slots for skills, location, etc.

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