EVE Online Patched to Build 3913

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Updates and patches for EVE

EVE Online was patched to Build 3913 yesterday, with promises of a more extensive patch in the coming weeks.


  • Carrier cargo holds can no longer be overloaded.

Chat and Messages

  • Switching between tabbed chat channels no longer causes client lag.
  • Links that where wrapped into two or more lines in the chat were not clickable. This error has been resolved.
  • The line spacing in chat windows has been reduced.
  • Mailing list creators can now delete mails from mailing lists they have created.
  • Editing the MOTD of chat channels should no longer make unwanted color changes.
  • A character spacing issue with fonts using cyrillic characters, such as Russian, has been resolved.
  • The issue with the "your banned" window on login and session changes has been resolved.


  • An outgame browser window is opened through the reimbursement option in the petition system instead of being trapped behind the petitions window.
  • Text clipping in the character creation progress has been fixed.
  • Some textures in the Gallente Intaki female, Amarr Ni-kunni male and Jin-mei male avatars have been repaired.
  • The mouse cursor icon will now change when hovered over interactable text and links will be highlighted.

For more info on the upcoming static patch, click here.

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