LOTRO Book 14 Preview on Gamespy

Posted Tue, Jul 08, 2008 by Medeor

Lord of the Rings Online: Book 14: the Ringforges of Eregion preview at Gamespy.

Prepping the path to Moria, Lord of the Rings Online is wrapping up all of the first chapter's loose ends in Book 14: The Ringforges of Eregion. A preview on GameSpy discusses the current condition of Frodo and the Fellowship as the Ring marches to Mount Doom. In addition to the story line advancement, Book 14 offers a new gameplay mechanic:

Book 14 and the epic storyline also mark the next iteration of what Turbine calls "session play." This refers to those areas within the game where the player leaves their primary character behind to play from someone else's perspective.

The epic tale moves forward toward the Mines of Moria, but first read about Book 14 on Gamespy website.

LotRO's new class comes late to the party, but it is certainly an interesting choice.
Fri, Apr 18, 2014

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