LotRO Book 14 Instance Updates

Posted Thu, Jul 10, 2008 by Morvelaira

Explore the instances all over again

The Lord of the Rings Online dev's have been doing a little bit of housekeeping for Book 14, the last free content update before the Mines of Moria expansion this fall. In addition to all the new content that is awaiting us, the dev's also took some time to go back to the current high end instances and tweak them a little bit. Some of the more significant changes are the introduction of repeatable quests, encouraging people to go back to the instances needed for the epic books (the main storyline of the game).

While certainly not as challenging as some of our other content, the various Epic instances have suffered for some time from not having any incentive to play them again. How many times have you seen someone looking for a Book 4 group? Well to provide some incentive to replay these instances, we are introducing a series of repeatable quests that direct you into those instances. Players who have never done a particular instance before will be able to group up with those who have and both will be rewarded.

For the full list of changes, please check the Lord of the Rings Online main site.

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