Company of Heroes Headed to China as F2P Game - Exclusive ChinaJoy Interview

Updated Thu, Jul 17, 2008 by Cody Bye

The bestselling WWII RTS Company of Heroes is headed to China as a free to play game. Go ahead, pick up your jaw, and re-read that sentence. As part on an exclusive interview with Ten Ton Hammer's Jeff "Ethec" Woleslagle, the developers at THQ and Relic Entertainment revealed this ground-breaking news and the strategy behind this decision. So what are you waiting for, click on the link and read the rest of the article!

You might think that CoH is a bestselling title in China, but you’d be wrong... at least about the “selling” part. “We know that there are at least one million pirated copies of the game in China,” Williams admitted, noting that every time a patch is released, more than one million updates are applied from Chinese IPs - this for a game that’s never been released at retail in China. In Sun Tzu fashion, THQ / Relic thinks it can turn this retailing weakness into a strength.

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