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Posted Mon, Jun 26, 2006 by LadySirse

Happy Tidings for Guilds

An email was sent out today from Turbine's Lord of the Rings Online inviting guilds to begin applying for beta. But there is a twist...

As part of a special promotion, we’re going to be sending an additional round of Beta invitations to the top 100 guilds who sign up the most people for the LOTRO Beta. The top 10 guilds will automatically receive up to 100 Beta invites and the remaining top 90 will get up to 20 invites! This special invitation will occur sometime after Beta 1 and is in addition to the Beta invitations already planned.

Keep in mind that even if your guild isn’t one of the top 100, you still increase your chances of getting into Beta by getting your guildmates to sign up. During each Beta invitation period we’ll be sending out additional invites to people in guilds. So each time one of your guildmates gets invited, you have an extra chance of getting in as well!

Whether your guild is large or small, with each new sign-up from your guild, your chances of getting into the Beta increase. The best way to encourage guildmates to sign up is to post the LOTRO Beta URL ( on your guild forum or e-mail it to your guildmates directly. Make sure they enter your guild’s name in the appropriate section during the sign-up process.

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