Finding a Monster Name in LotRO

Posted Mon, Jul 21, 2008 by Morvelaira

Targeting "Icanpwnu"....

Lord of the Rings Online: Shadows of Angmar offers an interesting play mechanic for PvP. Their PvMP will allow players to either fight as their Free Peoples character (the one which you progress through the main story of the game with) or as a Monster Player (yay bad guys!). You can both on a server, however this does require you to think up two names. Unfortunately, most Monster names seem to be along the lines of Icanpwnu, or Hobitskwishr. If you'd like to avoid falling into that trap, here are some tips.

To differ your orc from the other races available, it is a good idea to concentrate on vocabulary that separates the orc from the other races. Since orcs are often viewed as subservient to the uruks, they might be more suitable for the more "dirty" and lowly names. For starters, according to Turbine, some common prefixes for the black tongue are: Ak-, Bag-, Grish-, Lug-, Muz-, Shak-, and Shap-. Some common suffixes are: -bash, -burz, --dush, -gash, -luk, -nakh, and -rat. However, most of these combinations will already be taken on each server, so you must, like always, get creative.

Please, save us from the Hobitskwishr's of the universe... because it also makes it easier to target you if you have a name that's not a differentiation of all the others.

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