Exclusive Huxley Update Interview - Leveling in an MMOFPS

Posted Fri, Jul 25, 2008 by Cody Bye

As the massive multiplayer online gaming industry continues to expand, more and more genres in video gaming are merged with the MMO acronym. Perhaps one of the more ambitious projects to earn MMO dubbing is Webzen’s upcoming MMOFPS Huxley. Recently, Ten Ton Hammer’s Cody “Micajah” Bye had the chance to ask a list of questions to Webzen’s KiJong “KJ” Kang about his upcoming MMO title. Without disappointing KJ gave tremendously detailed answers about Huxley, so many that we are splitting his interview into two parts! If you have an interest in MMOFPSes, make sure you keep your browser pointed at Ten Ton Hammer!

Ten Ton Hammer: What sort of progression system do you have in Huxley? Will players gain experience by shooting other players? Or will progression only occur in PvE settings?

KJ: Players will gain experience and grow during both PvE and PvP settings, except in levels 1-7 where players are required to advance through the PvE quests. The classes, know as “combat style” and consisting of Enforcer, Avenger and Phantom, improve and become more defined and unique as the player continues playing the game and grows their character.

Once the player reaches and completes the level cap, which is level 50 at commercial launch, and also known as the character growth stage one, he or she will have to decide between two different further growth models. For instance, the Enforcers that specialize in close-range combat will have to decide whether to further specialize in that combat style, which increases the close-range attack damage, or further specialize in increasing their physical defense abilities.


Publisher NHN USA has reached an agreement with developer Webzen to return the publishing rights for its MMOFPS,

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