STO CEO Says Less Than Three Years Probable

Updated Tue, Aug 12, 2008 by Medeor

Keep talking him down and we can get STO in two years.

In the never ending cat and mouse game of MMO launch dates, Cryptic Studio's Jack Emmert knows when Star Trek Online is going to ship and that the magical date is closer to today than 2015. Mr. Emmert appears to suffer from conference euphoria while bidding out to the Treksters at the convention:

"... I do know when the game is going to be released. I can't say it, but it's a lot closer than you may think."

"Less than four years. It's probably less than three years," he added when someone booted him for more. "If I say 'under three years' that's a shocking statement within the industry."

Maybe if they give him enough drinks they can talk him down to two years!

There has been a deluge of PR about improved game engine design tools that are supposed to carve development time down to reasonable lengths. Maybe STO is converting on such an opportunity.

Read the rest of the report from the Star Trek Online Fan Q & A.


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