Exclusive Earthrise PvP Interview from Leipzig GC '08

Posted Wed, Aug 27, 2008 by Cody Bye

Hardcore player versus player enthusiasts, your game has arrived and it's named Earthrise. If you haven't already heard of it, Earthrise is a science fiction-based MMOG that features a heady mixture of ground combat, crafting, and a sandbox style world to create an incredibly volatile mixture of intense gameplay. At the Leipzig Games Convention, Ten Ton Hammer's Garrett Fuller had a chance to sit down with the Earthrise team and really discuss the particulars of their PvP gameplay. While the Ten Ton Hammer team previously talked to the Earthrise developers at GDC, Garrett took the interview even farther and really quizzed the devs about the PvP experience.

We got the chance to hear about a new zone in the game called “The Nest.” This game zone is set up for the criminals and rebels as a hide out from the authorities. If you decide you want to be a player killer from the start, you will immediately be marked as a criminal. Safe zones will be tough to enter and you’ll soon be outcast. This can be hard on the players who make this choice in game. The Masthead team is putting in The Nest as a place for the criminals. It may be tough to enter and survive in, but with many sandbox games eventually player will police each other. The Nest offers the rebel players a home, even if it is a dangerous one.


SilentFuture announces new Founder Package options for Earthrise that can get you right into the alpha/beta testing.

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SilentFuture preps Earthrise for a return to closed beta and opens up the application process for the community.

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Earthrise is making a return later this year with new tech, new backstory and gameplay improvements thanks to Wuppertal-based developer SilentFuture.

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