Star Trek Online Fiction Update 2379-2380

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The saga of Star Trek Online nearly ended in tragedy when things started to go sour for Perpetual Entertainment late in 2007. Fortunately, things have been going great since Cryptic took over the development of the title. Cryptic has taken up the task of filling in the lore between the latest stardate fans have seen in movies or television series and the time frame of the game itself. The latest update covers the years 2379-2380, a time of great turmoil for the Romulans, of transition on the Enterprise E, and of bittersweet justice with the sentencing of the Female Changeling for her crimes in the Dominion War.

Tal'aura's leadership is opposed by Commander Donatra, who with the support of Commander Suran and former Admiral Braeg retains control of the majority of the Fifth and Third fleets.

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