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Deployment 12 Now on Test Server

Posted Tue, Sep 02, 2008 by Taea

Deployment 12 is now on the Test server for Richard Garriott's Tabula Rasa. Omega Labs, a new level 50 instance is open for business. Lots of game mechanics improvements are online, and some new items have appeared.

# Series 2 Physical Chaingun: This newly developed fully automatic weapon has the ability to punch through enemy combatants, cutting down anything in its direct line of fire. This comes at a cost however, of reduced accuracy and the inability to lock a specific target. Players should be able to find this weapon on various Bane bosses above 27th level.

# Series 2 Laser Pistol: With the ability to fire 3 shots per rapid fire burst, this weapon is ideal for eliminating individual targets at close range without drawing too much attention. Players should be able to find this weapon on various Bane bosses above 21st level.


Years have passed since the cancellation of Tabula Rasa, but some fans still want the game back.

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