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White Lion Guide
White Lion Guide

Overview: In a world fraught with war and torn by savage battles there is often no one that a lone fighter can depend upon, heart and soul, for protection and companionship. This does not stand true for the brave hunter class, the White Lion. The High Elves have mastered the beautiful synchronicity between elf and beast, coupling pure cunning with raw power and channeling it towards the protection of their people and the destruction of their enemies.

This moderately armored class chooses just how to use their lion companion in battle.  Through the various masteries the beast can either fulfill a true combat duo or he may work with his trusted hunter in more of a support role.  Regardless, the lion is an essential part of this mighty warrior's ability to withstand the evil of the Destruction.

  • Pet class allows for diverse play style
  • Ranged attacks
  • Higher damage positional attacks
  • Pet dependant
  • Low defense
  • Split DPS between hunter and lion

White Lion Quick Info
Faction: Order
Race: High Elf
Role: Melee DPS
Armor: Mail
Primary Weapon: Woodsman axe
Primary Stats: Strength, Agility
Mythic's Official White Lion Description

"Do not be deceived by the rugged beauty of Chrace, for behind that serene mask lies a beast like none other. No, no I speak not of the War Lion but of its White Lion master whose will can bring such a beast to heel!"

- Kitharl Woodwalker, Huntsman of Chrace

The Elves of northern kingdoms are a hardy folk, self sufficient; they live in the wilds of the northernmost coast of Ulthuan. The land of Chrace is a bulwark against invasion and her hunters prowl the woodlands for Dark Elf raiding parties, spies and assassins. It was one such hunting party that saved Caledor the First from certain doom at the hand of an assassin's blade. These hunters became known as "White Lions". A name taken for their fierceness and courage in battle, and the pelts earned by slaying a great White Lion in single combat. Deeply attuned to the natural world the Chracian hunter do not kill the white lions out of hand, and the greatest of their order have been known to raise a cub into a powerful War Lion trained to savage their foes on the field of battle.

PvE Overview

As melee DPS class, the White Lion shines in both group and solo game play. 

In a group positional attacks and the use of the pet add to the overall damage output greatly.  As with most pet classes, the lion allows for solo play that can go above and beyond what non-pet classes can do.  The hunter gains either a tank or a DPS companion with your war lion without ever having to wait for playmates.

RvR Overview

In RvR the hunter's war lion makes an excellent source of distraction in combat.  Using him to bait your opponent while you either attack via ranged or work out your own positioning works well.  When enemies hone in on the hunter instead, keep the lion in the fray and he can potentially go unnoticed. 

The White Lion class can be a valuable asset in team play, backing up the tank classes and aiding in the protection of the mages and healers.

White Lion Abilities: Levels 1 to 20   |   White Lion Abilities: Levels 21 to 40
White Lion Masteries

White Lion Mastery Paths
Path Of the Hunter:  White Lions who choose the path of the Hunter embrace the ways of the wild and fight shoulder to shoulder with their War Lion. The two stride into battle side by side in a balanced assault that is capable of spreading damage around to multiple targets with ease. This path requires the least amount of Master & Pet coordination so damage against a single foe is lessened.

Path of the Axeman:  White Lions who choose this path focus on the Mastery of their fine woodsman axes, preferring instead to use their lions as distractions as they approach from the side or Rear. The path of the Axeman requires good coordination with your War Lion or your group members so you can be allowed to strike from an unguarded flank.

Path of the Guardian:  White Lions who choose this path focus on diverting attention from their War Lion or Group members so that they can do maximum damage. The path of the guardian does not directly increase the White Lion's own defenses significantly but focuses more on reducing his opponents damage output and distracting them from the War Lion or individual group mates.

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