Exclusive WAR Launch Blog with Justin Webb - Seven Days and Counting

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Massively multiplayer online games that are in development are constantly being observed, documented, and reported on. It seems that once a game hits a particular point - about one and a half to two year away from release - the floodgates open and any questions regarding development and that process are answered without hesitation. However, few articles exist on the Internet that document the time right before a game's launch, especially not the last seven days inside a gaming studio. The lack of articles is about to change, however, as Mythic Entertainment's senior designer Justin Webb prowls his office in to capture the actions (and smells) of the studio and his colleagues. All of this is available in Ten Ton Hammer's exclusive WAR blog, so make sure you check it out!

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Instead of Vent to communicate, warbands use old-fashioned shouting. The eighth floor is a babble of expletives as QA and our Elder testers school everyone. Adam Gershowitz [Insider Note: Adam runs the Careers & Combat Strike Team] makes the mistake of not checking what realm the rest of the Careers & Combat team is on. He becomes a lone bastion of Order as all his minions pick Destruction. Despite being a marked man (dwarf?), somehow his Engineer manages to rank first place in five consecutive Nordenwatch runs.

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