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NCsoft Says Austin Group to Grow

Posted Fri, Sep 19, 2008 by Medeor

NCsoft still has two mega franchises and they are both Lineage.

In a move aimed at stemming the rumors of turmoil and game demise, David Reid the president of the newly formed NC West provided some candid information to Edge-Online. In the interview, David relayed the fact that Tabula Rasa is not in peril, and that NCsoft Austin will not only survive but is a key ingredient in the NC family development plans. The news and PR retorts will always bounce around the truth but he did raise a good point that should allay fears of NCsoft or its sister companies going under:

“People forget that the second and third biggest MMOs in the world are Lineage II and Lineage,” he said, referring to NCsoft’s Asia-centric hits. “Those both have seven-figure subscription numbers and are $100 million-plus businesses.”

In addition, David closed with this comment:

“… The primary thing people need to take from this establishment of NC West is a very clear ratification that NCsoft is going all-out on this large-scale, big-bet, triple-A MMO business.”

Those are pretty stabilizing words that should shed some light on the fact that NCsoft is not going away, and if they keep their noses to the grindstone should be coming out with some new and exciting titles. The rest of the interview can be found at Edge-Online.


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