Wicked Interactive Launches ACE Online

A new space shooter is launched.

A new space shooter is launched.

Wicked Interactive announces the launch of it's 3D Space Shooter ACE Online. The action MMORPG puts players in the cockpit of "Gears" (ships) as they dog-fight their way through the galaxy. As players progress, they will receive credits to upgrade their Gear with hundreds of customizable weapons. According to Wicked Interactive, the Key Factors to ACE Online include:

Key Features of ACE Online:

* Free to download and free to play, no monthly subscription fee
* Inventive mix of MMORPG strategy and social elements with action-packed aerial combat
* Four unique "Gears" to choose from, each with its own unique strengths and weaknesses
* Deep leveling and gear customization systems - literally hundreds of customizable weapons and add-ons
* Nations Wars PvP Combat - engage other players and nations in massive air battles
* Voice Chat - communicate with squad-mates in-game

To download the game and jump into the fight, go to Suba Games.

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