Exclusive LOTRO Mines of Moria Preview

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Dungeons are a gamer's best friend. Most massively multiplayer online gamers take pride in the number of dungeons they've traversed and are eager to tell their friends and neighbors about it. The developers at Turbine know this to be the case, and to take advantage they've created the largest indoor space ever designed for an MMOG to be a part of Lord of the Rings Online. Not surprisingly, the expansion is named "The Mines of Moria."

Ten Ton Hammer's Cody "Micajah" Bye had the opportunity to take a tour of this epic dungeon, and he's crafted his thoughts into an in-depth set of impression on this upcoming title along with capturing the first-ever footage of the infamous Balrog! Broken into a multi-part series, make sure you stick around to read about every single detail of the upcoming Moria expansion!

"What we did to allow our technology to make these huge cavernous spaces was alter the technology so that the ground players are walking on is actually landscape terrain and the ceiling above the player is actually inverted terrain," Steefel noted. "We make two pieces of terrain and actually put the world between them. This allows us to treat everything in the world - walls, floors, ceilings - as landscape. It has physics. It has form. It's not skydome textures."

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