CCP Helps Get-Well Gamers

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CCP and EVE players show softer side for gamers in need.

Through the toughest of tough times in Iceland (their woes make the US' economic issues look like a rounding error), the team at CCP, White Wolf and the Camarilla have put together a donation of over $4,000 to help Get-Well Gamers. GWG is a non-profit organization providing consoles and gaming gear to gamers in need. Ryan Sharpe, the founder of Get-Well Gamers had this to say:

Given the recent economic climate, especially in Iceland where CCP calls home, this is a particularly poignant donation. We cannot begin to thank CCP, White Wolf and The Caramilla for their generous support of Get-Well Gamers and other worthy causes. They truly show how online communities can be used as a force for good.

After all of the police-blotter worthy escapades that we report about in EVE Online, it's nice to report a feel good story. Don't get me wrong, some of those stories of corporations getting bilked out of billions make me feel warm and fuzzy, but nothing matches a feel good story that helps kids. Of course I also got some warm fuzzies from the interview with CCP's CEO that EVE is not going to be effected by the economic hardship of Iceland.

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