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WAR: Test Server Patch Notes

Posted Wed, Nov 12, 2008 by Taea

Oodles of class ability changes fill the latest Mythic Entertainment's Warhammer Online Test Server Patch. The infamous Bright Wizard had a slight reduction in potential damage, the Ironbreaker Oath Friend went through another re-write, and a Sorceress debuff was re-tooled. Several general changes can be found as well.

Healer Archetype

* Restorative Burst: The tooltip for this tactic will now correctly state the number of Action Points gained when triggered.

Tank Archetype

* Champion's Challenge: Neither the player nor the player’s enemy may be knocked back while this Morale ability is in effect.

* Juggernaut: This ability will only fire when the player is rooted, snared, silenced, or disarmed.

* Raze: This channeled ability will no longer be interrupted while on the move.

Dwarf Racial Tactics

* Stoutness of Stone: This tactic will once again reduce the effectiveness of Stuns and Knockdowns.

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