SOE Announces SWG Trading Card Game Expansion

Posted Tue, Nov 25, 2008 by B. de la Durantaye

SOE announced an expansion to their Star Wars Galaxies trading card game today - Squadrons Over Corellia. The new expansion offers all-new Starship cards, more Star Wars character cards including Han Solo, Emperor Palpatine, Wedge Antilles and Jaba the Hutt. Wookies and Rodians will also now be playable avatar species. The expansion also boasts 20 new loot cards. Loot cards can be redeemed in Star Wars Galaxies for in-game items not available anywhere else. Among these new loot cards will be the first ever Starship loot item - the V-wing starfighter.

The Squadrons Over Corellia expansion is due for release in December, 2008.


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