Network's 1st LotRO Preview Posted

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Ten Ton Hammer / LotroSource's premier glimpse into Turbine's Middle Earth...

John "Methost" Irwin on our LotroSource sister site offers up his first hands-on preview of Lord of the Rings Online: Shadows of Angmar, straight from last week's Midway event in San Franciso:

Special mention should also be given to the artwork on this game. The stunning visuals had me stopping mid-quest more than once, just to look around. The ground foliage sways in the breeze and the lakes cast lifelike reflections. Leaves flutter from trees and stars twinkle in the night’s sky. Turbine uses the word “polish” when it talks about delays in development. This is what they mean. The end result is eye-popping.

You can read the rest of Methost's engaging preview at LotroSource.

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