FusionFall's Sneak Peek Weekend

Posted Sat, Dec 13, 2008 by Medeor

Sneak a Peek this week of FusionFall.

This weekend FusionFall is offering up a sneak peek into the game brought to you by the Cartoon Network Universe. Providing an opportunity for you to show off your "inner hero" FusionFall is a "non-stop MMORPG" (is that redundant?) setting you as the last defense against some horrible planet eating force. Only you can prevent Earth from being the next victim. Read all about it and join the beta and sneak peek this weekend at FusionFall's website.


When you think of FusionFall, an MMOG by The Cartoon Network, you might imagine this being a game made for kids and with a largely dominate child population. However, in an interview conducted by...

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