You don't have to have the luck of the Irish to get in on the St Patty's Day celebration in FusionFall, you just have to get a little green! March 14th, 15th, and 17th you can have a chance to pick up cool prizes and join the party if you happen to be in the right place at the right time. Check out the event info and be there!

Put on all the green gear you can find (from your inventory, from vendors, or by creating a new character) and meet up with fellow heroes at these times and places (all times are Eastern Standard):

* Saturday, March 14th - 3pm EST:
Future -- Hero Square
Past -- Hero Square
* Sunday, March 15th - 6pm EST:
Future -- Cul De Sac (Peach Creek Commons)
Past -- Genius Grove
* Tuesday, March 17th - 7pm EST:
Future -- Genius Grove
Past -- Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends

We'll be taking screenshots of all our meet-ups, and we encourage you to do the same! Post your screenshots on the FusionFall forums, or send them in to [email protected] - the best shots of the bunch will go up on

During all four days of this celebration, we're also giving away free stuff! Members of the FusionFall Team will be roaming everywhere in the game - if they offer to trade with you and you're wearing green, you'll get a free gift! Green hair, green shoes, green weapons - anything that's green will qualify you for goodies from the FusionFall Leprechauns!

Remember, ANY green item counts. Shoes, weapons, watermelon helmets - anything green will do! Just a word of warning: while Fusion goo IS green, we don't recommend wearing it!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016