Spring is heralded all over in different ways and apparently Fusion Fall rings in spring with chickens! Not just any chickens though, these chickens can teleport you to special locations where you can find great rewards just for looking! Keep reading for more Spring Fling Event details!

From 4/22/09 to 4/29/09, hunt for Coco's helpers. They're dressed as Spring Chickens, and could be hiding ANYWHERE in FusionFall. When you find a Spring Chicken, talk to her. You'll be transported to a secret Egg Hunt Zone, filled with eggs!
FusionFall Spring Chicken

Collect eggs to find a special bubblehead prize. Only some eggs will contain bubbleheads - the rest will contain other little surprises to keep things interesting. Other players can warp into the Egg Hunt, so you have to be quick on your toes to find that special egg!

Players in the Future World will be rewarded with one bubblehead helmet. Players with Unlimited Access will be searching for two different bubbleheads - the same one that's in the Future World, plus another surprise bubblehead!

Remember, only Coco knows the Spring Chickens' locations, and she's not talking (not in a way that most people can understand, anyway). Need a hint? Check the forums for riddles containing clues to the Spring Chicken locations. Or, use chat in-game to find out if other players know where to find the fun!

Happy hunting!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016