MystOnline Going Open Source

Posted Tue, Dec 16, 2008 by Medeor

Open source for MystOnline.

Cyan Worlds' CEO Tony Fryman has announced that the MystOnline (the current version of UruLive) source code for the servers and client is going to be released as an open source project. Citing that the company must "concentrate on projects that are fully funded" Cyan has decided to release the game to the masses instead of squirreling it away as other developers/publishers have done in the past (NCsoft I'm looking at the Auto Assault and placeholder for the Tabula Rasa boxes in your closet). So now it is up to the fans. I imagine the hardcore fans will create somethings not even dreamed of by the developers and others that should not see the light of day. Both will bring about some innovation hopefully and allow players to enjoy the game. The website has the full details at MystOnline.


Curious about a game that never made it to the retail shelves, or shut down before it had its chance to shine?

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