SOE's Wes Yanagi Discusses DC Universe

Sony Online Entertainment's Wes Yanagi recently sat down with Gamasutra to discuss where things are in the development process for DC Universe Online, Jim Lee's involvement with the project and what kind of beta we might see closer to launch.  They also discuss how gameplay will differ from traditional MMOGs, and how that will effect the UI and DC Universe's accessibility.

We give more decisions on where you should be moving and how you're controlling your character because we're a much more action-based game. And strategically, what powers you fire off if you're hiding behind something, if you're picking up a bus, or if you have to dodge a bus.

And that's much different than more traditional MMOs, where it's less movement based and it's more picking a combination of powers or reacting to powers, or watching someone's health go down and then hitting the heal button, or casting the heal spell.

While asked about possible release dates and business models, Yanagi said it's still a bit too early to announce anything concrete.  If I had to guess, those details will begin to emerge right around the launch of DC Universe's competitor in super-hero space, Champions Online which is set to release this year.

Be sure to read the rest of the interview to learn more about DCU's development process and interesting take on combat mechanics.

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