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EverQuest II mounts have grown far beyond the original horses from launch that you could pick up from the horse merchant for a handful (a big handful) of coin. These days, mounts vary wildly in size, color, and type and there are several different ways in which you can snag one for your very own.  There are options for the thrifty shopper who wants to save money but still would like the benefit of a mount and there are options for the more distinguish players who are seeking something that is a little bit special.  Regardless of which category you fall under, we know where you can find the right mount for you!

Status mounts are expensive but oh so worth it!

A little Coin Goes a Long Way

The most common mounts are the ones you buy off of the horse merchants. Here you will find ponies, rhinos, wargs, and disks of all types available to buy with either coin, a combination of status and coin, or even the option of buying a few select mounts with station cash. They come relatively cheap for a couple of plat or fairly spendy for high level guild mounts that go for over 40 plat.  You can find a horse merchant in each of the cities:

  • South Qeynos - /waypoint 407, -20, 224
  • West Freeport - /waypoint 131, -4, -93
  • New Halas - /waypoint 68, 152, 17
  • Kelethin (Green Knoll area) - /waypoint 589, 44, 90
  • Gorowyn - /wapoint 2375, 21, 1332
  • Neriak - /waypoint 164, 21, 74


Better Than Free

What's better than a free mount? A mount that you had to work your tail off for!  Most of these mounts will cost you nothing more than a bit of hard work and you can find them in various tiers so you are never without a solid mount:

  • Newbie City Mount Quests - (level 15-20) These are definitely the best option for low level characters. These quest series award a 25% run speed horse for relatively little work.
  • Maj'dul carpet quest - (level 50) Flying carpet with 40% run speed increase.
  • Dire Warg quest - (level 60) Warg mount with a 45% run speed increase. The quest opens up the merchant so you will need to have a little plat handy.
  • Rilissian Soldier Mount quest (level 70+)- Rhino mount with a 55% run speed increase + stats. Speak with Sliza in Riliss in the Fens of Nathsar.
  • Quested mounts are a great option for the new player.

  • Moonlight Enchantment and Event Mounts (level 1) - Temporary quested mounts that will likely last a full month or more between events and you never have to pay a dime.  These generally have a 40% run speed increase and some are super cute. They will have a limited amount of charges but each charge will last 24 hours of game time.
  • Collection Quest in Emperor's Athenaeum and Kurn's Tower - If you're in these zones anyway, be sure to snag those shinies for this 68% run speed flying carpet.
  • Shard Mounts - If you are 80+ and running shard quests and instances then you might want to save some of those shards to pick up a Ykeshian Spellbear with a 65% run speed.


LoN Loot Cards

This could be the most under utilized method of obtaining a super cool mount. Legends on Norrath is the virtual trading card game in EQ2 and the booster packs will sometimes contain special loot cards for in game items, including mounts! These are excellent quality mounts with 50% or 60% run speeds and often have unique features that you won't find with other in game mounts. You can find the latest mount loot cards that are available and find out how to purchase booster packs for Legends of Norrath by visiting the LoN website.



Station cash can buy a pretty pimp ride.

How they fit in those chest I'll never know, but indeed you can get mounts via chest drops from certain mobs in specific zones. These are generally rare drops from epic encounters so it might take many zone runs before you get your mount, but it is worth the extra effort if you want an exceptional mount.  Because these mounts are mostly dropped in raid zones, chances are most players will not have a chance at them, but rumor has it that Queen Velazul in Chardok drops a warg with 50% run speed so if you're in your 80s, it might be worth a few runs to see if maybe you can pick this one up!


Plat Poor, Cash Rich

If you're a casual player and you just don't have the time or desire to hunt down a mount in game, then you do have another option with the EQ2 Marketplace. In game, click on the SC button and select "Mounts" then pick out exactly what you want!  Standard mounts sell for about 1250 SC (approximately $12.00 USD) and premium mounts sell for 2500 SC (approximately $25.00 USD). New mounts are being added all the time so if you don't see one that strikes your fancy now, you can always check back for new additions.

With all the ways EverQuest II gives players to earn a mount, there is no reason why you have to settle for slow and boring when you can enjoy fast and fun.  Get into Norrath and get your very own mount too!

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