Legal Woes In the MMO World

Updated Fri, Jan 02, 2009 by Dalmarus

Legal Woes In the MMO World?

While this news doesn't relate directly to Vanguard itself, it seems important enough to mention here.

Ten Ton Hammer has come into possession of court documents naming Perpetual Entertainment, Inc. as defendant in seven counts of business misconduct, ranging from multiple counts of fraud to material breach of contract to fraudulent transfer of holdings.

What does that mean for Vanguard? Nothing specifically, but what if the tables were turned? If Sigil had gotten sued for anything before selling the game to SOE, would we even playing right now? What if SOE were being sued over the game now? How would it affect us?

The news is sad in any case, and hopefully things will be set straight, one way or another.
Kohnke alleges that the scheme to defraud Perpetual's creditors goes far deeper than paper transfers to a malformed corporation. According to Kohnke, Perpetual canceled Gods & Heroes: Rome Rising in large part due to the more than $280,000 in incentives that would be owed to Kohnke upon the launch of the moribund game and the subsequent financial impact on the development of Star Trek Online.
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