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Even though most of this past week was sandwiched right between two major holidays, the Ten Ton Temple of Doom was still buzzing with activity.  Levers were pulled, buttons were pressed and even a few telepathic missives were intercepted all in an effort to bring you, dear readers, the best exclusive MMOG content on the internet.  

With one foot in the past and the other stepping boldly into the future, this week traditionally marks a time of year when we examine where our lives have been while also pondering what the new year might bring our way.  It was also the perfect time to take a look at the state of the industry's past, present and future – which is exactly what this week's Ten Ton Hammer exclusives set out to do.  

Like an electric cowboy trying to rustle up their cyborg cattle,  I've pulled together a list of this week's hot content for your reading enjoyment.  In it you'll find our exclusive editorials, feature articles, interviews and reviews for the week ending on January 2nd.   So grab your beverage of choice, sit back and enjoy this week's edition of the weekly MMOG roundup!

This Week's Highlights:

- Consoles and the MMOG Industry

2009 is only a few days away and with it, the gaming world as we know it may change forever. The idea of console MMOG's may seem ludicrous on the surface, but this week, Dalmarus discusses the very real possibility that they may arrive for the masses sooner than you might think. Just imagine all the console players in the world hopping into your favorite MMOG...

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- Top Ten Free-to-Play Games – The Time is Now

Danny "Ralsu" Gourley sifts through several free-to-play games each month to identify the best of the best for Ten Ton Hammer readers. F2P gaming had been gaining a foothold gradually, and Ralsu has been waiting for the truly great game that would bring credibility to all of F2P gaming. This week, Ralsu discusses why he thinks the time is right for a developer to bring in a huge F2P hit.

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- EverQuest 2's The Shadow Odyssey Reviewed

The world of Norrath has been home to so many over the years it's mind boggling to consider a sequel so popular it's on a fifth expansion. The Shadow Odyssey brings a number of exciting features to EverQuest 2 which include mission based instance dungeons, more Achievements, a new overland zone, and much more. Will it be enough to hang on to the veterans and even bring back former players? We dive right in and provide a verdict just inside.

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- Exclusive Runes of Magic Interview with Interim President Sean Kauppinen

Recently, Frogster Interactive Pictures (the publisher of Runes of Magic) created a subsidiary branch in the United States with the sole purpose of pushing their project into the US market. Heading up the Frogster USA team is Sean Kauppinen, President & CEO, Frogster America, Inc. Over the past few years, the Ten Ton Hammer team has gotten to know Sean, and so we tossed a few questions his way concerning the Frogster deal and his involvement with the new company. We hope you enjoy the chat!

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- The Plague of Patches

Nothing could possibly be more exciting than tearing open a brand new game, throwing it in your high end PC, and waiting for a lengthy patch. While MMOG's might require consistent patching, are we doomed to continue the waiting game for every established product? There must be a better way and inside we make a series of recommendations to improve customer satisfaction and efficiency.

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