LotRO Guide to Cooking

LotRO Guide to Cooking By Darkgolem

Baked goods are some of the most useful products that can be crafted in Lord of the Rings Online (LotRO).  This is because these products are useful to every class, race and level.  Cooking products do not usually sell very well because they are so easy to make, and it is easy to bring to the highest tiers quickly.  Since cooking is such a useful craft, since cooked products so easy and inexpensive to make, it is very useful for cooking profession to be taken by adventurers.

Cooking products are inexpensive if used when appropriate.  As long as one uses cooked products only when needed, an adventurer can survive many more encounters, including unexpected problems such as “adds” in combat.

Cooking is not profitable because both farming and cooking require mainly money to bring to the highest tiers, as opposed to other crafting professions.  As a result, often one can make a character with farming as a profession and a character with cooking as a profession, and make your own baked goods.

Vocation Choice

Getting Ready to CookThere are basically three good choices in vocations (including two character combos) for making a successful cook.  These all involve gaining access to farming, so you can make a variety of products.  They often include a second character as an alternate who has another vocation, allowing you to earn money or other benefits while gaining farming and cooking, also.  These vocations are:
  • Yeoman (Farmer/Cook/Leatherworker) – This is the most efficient way to make a character with the cooking class, because you can make your food and the resources for cooking with one character.  However, there is very little in the way of profitable sales available because a lot of the profit found in resources, and farming is a very unprofitable resource to sell.  A Yeoman will need to earn a lot of independent money to fund farming subsequent cooking reaching higher tiers.
  • Historian/Tinker (Scholar/Weaponsmith/Farmer)/(Cook/Prospector/Jeweller) – This is a very nice combo of vocations.  Requiring two characters, this takes more effort.  The end result of this combination is one who can make their own weapons, jewellery, scholar materials, and food.  Jewellery, metal resources and scholar resources all sell for high profits, meaning that making money will not an issue.
  • Tinker/Woodsman (Cook/Prospector/Jeweller)/(Farmer/Forester/Woodworker) – This is a mediocre choice using two characters to make a successful cook.  Forestry allows selling two semi-valuable products, boiled leather and treated wood, plus (with woodworker) creation of wood weapons and products such as instruments, bows and staves.  Prospector and Jeweller both produce useful jewellery and ore products for sale.
Note: Make sure you look at the recipes available for cooking when you are planning what vocation for cooking you wish to make.  There are several cooking recipes which require no farmed products, but instead only purchased ingredients to finish, meaning you can avoid making a farmer to go with your cook, if you donÂ’t mind spending the money

Cooking Product Types

There are five different types of crafted products for cook to make.  These are brewing, campfires, cooked food, trail food, pet food,
  • Brewing is for making beer and ale.  These products are mainly for entertainment.
  • Campfires refer to turning kindling found by a woodsman into a campfire materials.  This allows creating campfires for cooking.
  • Cooked Food are foods cooked in ovens.  These are the largest group of products you can make as a cook.  These provide a morale and power out of combat regeneration boost, plus an in combat regeneration bonus to either combat regeneration, power regeneration, or both.  Cooked foods operation on a timer, so you must wait until the (short) timer fades before eating new food.
  • Pet Foods are for bears, and give them greater tanking abilities.
  • Trail Foods are cooked over campfires.  There are campfires found in certain places, such as the mud gate in Bree-town and Waymeet in the Shire.  These items provide bonuses to statistics such as might, agility or will.  Trail foods operate on a different timer than cooked foods, so you can have one of each (cooked and trail foods) in effect at once.

Using Foods

When making cooked goods, make sure that you make the type that best suits you.  For all tiers there are goods which provide in combat regeneration for lot of power, for a lot of morale or a moderately large amount of both.  However, if you are able to heal yourself reliably you might depend upon power more, or whatever you prefer.

When making trail foods, you need to make a careful selection of what benefit you want; agility, might or will depending upon your class choice.

As a general rule, if you are fighting creatures of a higher level, if you are fighting in an area where creatures are tightly packed (such as EvendimÂ’s western shores, or the various Blackwold lairs of Bree-land), or are in dangerous instances (such as the Great Barrows) you will definitely want to have food bonuses in effect.  You should remember that cooked food bonuses expire much faster than trail foods, so you will need to keep an eye out to make sure your bonuses are active.

Leveling the Cooking Craft Skill

The first thing you will want to do when crafting for increasing your cooking tiers is look at available recipes.  Since cooking is so easy to increase without adventuring (assuming you have the available cash), often you can have your inventory stocked with cooked goods that are just within the level of items you can use, unlike so many other crafting professions where usually by the time you can craft an item, you are too high of a level.

If you wish to avoid farming all together, here are the recipes that will level you most quickly, assuming you donÂ’t mind spending the money to make these items.  You will still need to have help doing the crafting quests.

  • Tier 1: Hard Biscuits
  • Tier 2: Complete Hobbit Breakfast
  • Tier 3: Delicious Crispy Bacon
  • Tier 4: Spiced Apple Pie (if you wish to go further, make Shire Rations)
  • Tier 5: Lembas
This is about 4 gold pieces worth of product to create enough of these products to have tier 5 mastery.

Crafting Quests

The Cooking Crafting Quests are fairly easy, except for two somewhat hard quests.

Cooking Profession Crafting Quests
Quest Name
Taste of Skill I Your delicious creations are satisfying, but they are not yet prepared with the skill of a true culinary master.
Alken Chubb is at the Green Dragon Inn in the town of Bywater in the Shire.

You have been told to speak with Alken Chubb, himself a highly-skilled cook, if you wish to learn his techniques.
Craft Cook Proficiency Tier 1
Earned all points for Cook Proficiency Tier 1
20 Taste of Skill II Your culinary expertise improves with every meal you prepare, but you are not yet counted among the finest of cooks. 1. Talk to Alken Chubb: Alken Chubb is within the Green Dragon Inn, located in the village of Bywater in the Shire.

A Novice Cook has asked you to go back to Alken Chubb for the chance to better your cooking skills under his wing.

2. Make the Serene Stew: Alken Chubb is within the Green Dragon Inn, located in the village of Bywater in the Shire.

Alken has asked you to prepare a helping of Serene Stew for him to judge. If it passes his taste-test, he will give you some lessons. He gave you his notes on where to find and purchase the ingredients you will need.

(Author's Note: This is a simple quest.  Speak with Alken Chubb then you must collect regular ingredients for a Serene Stew recipe.  You must collect a rare ingredient (Mountain Basil) from the very top of Weathertop in the Lone Lands, and will need friends to come with you if you are too level to handle the (low level 20) monsters found here.)

Approaching Weathertop

3. Bring the Serene Stew To Alken: Alken Chubb is within the Green Dragon Inn, located in the village of Bywater in the Shire.

Alken is waiting for you to prepare the Serene Stew and bring it to him for tasting.
Craft Cook Proficiency Tier 2

Serene Stew
Earned all points for Cook Proficiency Tier 2
30 Taste of Skill III Rollo Hamson is at his home in Buckland, quite near to the Brandywine Bridge.

A Novice Cook has told you that Rollo Hamson, a cook of great skill, may be able to teach you some of the techniques that will help your dishes become as good as they can be.
1. Talk to Rollo Hanson: Rollo Hamson is at his home in Buckland, quite near to the Brandywine Bridge.

A Novice Cook has told you that Rollo Hamson, a cook of great skill, may be able to teach you some of the techniques that will help your dishes become as good as they can be.
Craft Cook Proficiency Tier 3 Earned all points for Cook Proficiency Tier 3
The Short Order Cook Rollo Hamson has asked you to travel to five of the Shire's finest inns and cook food for some of his friends at each.
1. Feed Rollo's Friends: Rollo Hansom gave you a note containing the names of his friends that work in some of the Shire's finest inns.

Rollo Hansom has suggested that he can give you access to the superior ovens of Michel Delving if you prepare the meals his friends request.

2. Talk to Rollo Hamson: Rollo Hansom is at his home in Buckland, quite near to the Brandywine Bridge.

Your delicious preparations have satisfied Rollo's friends, and he has surely decided to grant you permission to use the superior ovens of Michel Delving.

(Author's Note: All the friends are in the Shire.  You must make:
  • 3 Pork Sausages
  • 2 Vegetable Medleys
  • 2 Salted Beef Delights
  • 2 Shire Rations
  • 2 Marinated Chicken Cutlets
  • 3 Marinated Spiced Potatoes
  • 1 Mushroom Pie
  • 3 Stuffed Cabbages
  • 1 Spiced Apple Pie
  • 3 Complete Hobbit Breakfast's
  • 2 Blueberry Muffins)
Superior Oven Access
Taste of Skill III
Taste of Skill IV In the kitchen you are unrivalled, and your creations delight the tastes of all who sample them.
1. Speak with Pasco Grubb: Pasco Grubb is in Michel Delving in the Shire.

You have been told to speak with Pasco Grubb, master cook of the Shire, if you wish to better your techniques in the kitchen.

2. Make the Roast of Heroes: Pasco Grubb gave you the recipe and his notes on the preparation of a Roast of Heroes.

Pasco is waiting for you to collect the ingredients and prepare a Roast of Heroes he can sample...and by so doing judge whether you are worthy of further instruction.

3. Bring the Roast of Heroes to Pasco Grubb: Pasco Grubb is in Michel Delving, in the Shire.

Pasco Grubb is waiting for you to prepare a Roast of Heroes he can sample.

(Author's Note: This is a harsh quest.  There is a certain boar found in the Northern Trollshaws which you must kill.  Unfortunately it lives among the giants and deadly drakes (all signature beasts, level 40) in the area of the Giant Valley.  Simply bring a couple high level friends.. the boar (Signature level 37) will wander up to you if you go to 34.8, W 6.6, but you can't really survive there without friends or tremendous luck.  Savory seasonings are needed, and are purchased from Jewel Underhill in Michel Delving.)
Craft Cook Proficiency Tier 4

Roast of Heroes
Earned all points for Cook Proficiency Tier 4

Final Note

When planning a cooking character, it is wise to consider funds.  A dedicated alt-a-holic will want to have two characters, one with farming, one with cooking, and either of the two characters having some third and separate means of earning income.  A player who generally plays one character at a time will probably wish to concentrate on Yeoman, or simply pay (a lot) to advance their cooking skill by the above listed recipes that do not require purchasing outside, farmed ingredients.

Regardless of choice, cooking is always useful to a character, though rarely profitable.  Because of the fact that healing is often in rare supply for some classes, this is a valuable choice to take as a profession, regardless of profit made.

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