Divergence Online: New In-Game Video Footage

By Reuben Waters -
The official website for Divergence Online was recently updated with a new in-game video, showcasing the interior of “The Shovel”, one of the game’s VRTek capitol ships. The walkthrough provides an excellent sense of scale for the ship’s interior, and shows off some impressive visuals considering the game is still in its alpha stages of development. What’s also interesting is that these huge ships will not only provide a means of travel between areas, but developers Stainglass Llama aim at a seamless transition when entering or exiting to different areas in the game.

The Shovel serves several purposes, most notably being that of a training where players can get their bearings familiar with most MMOs and a social hub for interacting, purchasing and selling goods, and other activities.

The ship is first accessible in space while orbiting Lo, the Lokri homeworld, and once it has landed (where this video takes place) perched atop a hill in an abandoned metropolis, players can venture to and from it to the wilderness beyond it's confines at will, provided you haven't made too many enemies within the vessel.

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